We are happy to welcome Megan Flanagan to the Suite Run Podcast! Megan is a running and strength coach, certified personal trainer, and the Founder of Strong Runner Chicks, a running community dedicated to educate, empower, and connect women and girls. She is an avid trail runner with experience as a former Division I steeplechaser turned trail runner, (ultra)marathoner, and obstacle course racer, residing in Golden, Colorado (Ute, Arapaho, and Cheyenne lands). With her Master's of Public Health and as part of the Running with Purpose community, she is passionate about the intersection of trail running with inclusivity, empowerment, environmental & social justice, and overall well-being. 
In this conversation, we talk with Megan about her running, coaching and Strong Runner Chicks community. During the second half of our chat, Megan shares her favorite places to run, dine out, race and more in beautiful Golden, CO.

Enjoy our conversation!

Megan's recommendations for Golden, CO:

1. North Table (an 8 mile loop for the big loop, smaller loop if you go up top)
2. Apex Park
3. Green Mountain (great views of Denver)
4. Lookout Mountain (very steep - great views of Golden)


1. Cafe 13 (Coffee shop, brunch on weekends, outdoor seating downtown)
2. Windy Saddle (coffee shop downtown)
3. Woody's Pizza
4. The Sherpa House (Indian food)
5. 49 Cidery and Pub
6. New Terrain (Brewery - may have live music and food trucks
7. Coda Brewing (Close to South Table)
8. Holidaily Brewing Company (Gluten)
9. Golden Toad (brewery)
10. Golden Mill (Outdoor nice food court)
11. Coors (Headquartered in Golden)
12. Speakeasy Bar (drinks)
13. Saloon (drinks)


1. The Hotel Golden
2. Air BnB (rent a place near one of the local mountains)


1. Golden Gate Dirty 30 (30 mile race)

Places of Interest

1. Climb Chimney Gulch up to Lookout Mountain
2. Clear Creek Canyon (A nice spot to visit)

Running Store

1. Runner's Roost

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