Julianna Coughlin is a marathoner, registered dietician, podcast host and social media manager for the Cape Cod Marathon. Julianna loves her beautiful town of Falmouth, MA and in this conversation we get the back story on Julianna's running journey and her career as a dietician. Then we dive into the Atlantic ocean and talk about the highlights of Falmouth including the best place to RUN, gorgeous locations to to catch a sunrise and sunset, delicious Cape Cod dining options and more.

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Julianna's recommendations for Falmouth, MA:

1. Surf Dr. (perfect place to watch the sunrise, views of Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod)


1. Coffee Obsession (Great pastries and tea as well)
2. Pie in the Sky (Coffee shop
3. Simply Divine Pizza
4. Water Street Kitchen (In Woods Hole)
5. Woods Hole Taqueria
6. Epic Oyster
7. The Patisserie (Authentic french bakery)
8. Ghelfi's Premiere Chocolate

1. The Wood Hole Inn

1. The Seagull Six
2. Falmouth Road Race
3. Cape Cod Marathon

Places of Interest
1. Sunrise at Surf Dr.
2. Sunset at The Knob (beautiful sunsets - off the beaten path
3. The Nobska Lighthouse

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