We are so happy to welcome Christine Yu to the Suite Run Podcast! Christine is a freelance journalist covering sports, science, and health. She's currently working on a book that looks at the under-representation of women in sports science research and the implications of this data gap for girls and women in sports. Christine lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two kids and in this conversation we talk about Christine's upcoming book and what her running is like these days. Then we talk all about living and running in Brooklyn! Christine gives us great recommendations on where she likes to RUN, dine out, grab a beer and more - including hanging out at a cemetery?  

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Christine's recommendations for Brooklyn, NY:


1. Run along the waterfront (including the piers past Brooklyn Bridge Park) and up and over the bridge to Westside Highway. Beautiful views of lower and Eastside of Manhattan.


1. Colson Patisserie (Great pastries and coffee)
2. Stone Park Cafe (Lovely brunch and outdoor seating)
3. Pasta Louise (Homemade pasta and great outdoor seating)
4. Lucali (Great pizza!)
5. Four and Twenty Blackbirds (Wonderful pies. Christine loves the apple pie)
6. Wild East Brewing Company
7. Strong Rope Brewery 


1. AirBnB

Running Stores

1. Jackrabbit Sports


1. Brooklyn Half Marathon
2. NYC Marathon


1. Greenwood Cemetery (Many famous, historical people buried here).
2. Coney Island
3. Brooklyn Museum

Christine's favorite season in Brooklyn is Fall!

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