We are so happy to welcome Corey Joyner to the Suite Run Podcast! Corey is a three time marathoner (training for number four) who began running in 2018 and has already accomplished huge gains in the sport. Corey ran 5:01 for his first try at the distance and went on to quickly run his third marathon in 3:18. Corey was clearly made for marathoning and we have a blast chatting about his journey into the sport, a glimpse into his training (spoiler alert: Corey is not a high mileage runner!) and his love for surfing. Then we dive into all things Florida, including what it's like to run in his town of Lakeland, questions about whether we should really be afraid of alligators, the best places to RUN, great dining options and so much more. Let's travel to the sunshine state!

Enjoy our conversation!

Corey's recommendations for Lakeland, FL:


1. Lake Hollingsworth 3 mile loop

2. Lake Mirror

3. Lake Morton


1. Harry's
2. Fresco's
3. The Joinery
4. The Poor Porker
5. Revival
6. The Jazz


1. AirBnB

Running Stores

1.Fleet Feet


1. Watermelon Series 5k
2. The Aching Quad Challenge 4 races in 24 hours
3. Lake to Lake 10k


1. Colt Creek State Park
2. Disney World

Corey's favorite season in Lakeland is Fall!

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