We are extremely happy to welcome 28 time marathoner, Leslie Cohen to the Suite Run Podcast! Leslie has run 75 half marathons and she has completed the prestigious six star world marathon majors. Leslie is also a mom to three awesome daughters (two of them are accomplished runners!) and is a bankruptcy lawyer who owns her firm, Leslie Cohen Law that she established in 2008. 
She started running in 2006 and in 2009 established her running club, Team LCL. It was originally set up to get her kids and their friends to run.  She trained 18 middle schoolers and they all made the cross country team at Santa Monica High School.
Leslie recently competed in the Abbott World Major Age Group Championships where she WON her division and was the only winner from the United States. Leslie is a long time Santa Monica resident and she knows her city inside and out. You are not going to want to miss this inspiring and fun episode.

Enjoy our conversation!

Leslie's recommendations for Santa Monica, CA:

1. Beginning from San Vicente and 26th Street - Run down San Vicente going west toward the ocean. Turn Left on Ocean and run in Palisades Park down to the California Incline. Take the Incline down to the beach bike path.

2. Lululemon Route
Beginning from San Vicente and 26th Street - Run east up San Vicente and go around the Brentwood Country Club (the path around the club is on dirt). After you have gone around the club, keep running to Bundy. 

3. Amalfi Loop
Beginning from San Vicente and 26th Street - Run west down San Vicente to Ocean and turn right. Run down a steep hill to the first stoplight and run across the street and past Canyon Elementary School. Take a hard left and go up switchbacks up the hill. Stay on Amalfi up the hill to Corsica. Turn right on Corsica (it dead ends), left on Capri to Sunset Blvd. 
Left on Sunset to Allenford. Take a right on Allenford back to 26th and San Vicente.

1. Cha Cha Chicken
2. Bay Cities Deli
3. Sidecar Donuts
4. Randy's Donuts
5. Bread and Porridge (great breakfast)
6. Benny's Tacos
7. Big Chill Frozen Yogurt
8. Felix (Venice. Great for a special occasion)
9. Mastro's
10. Sugar Fish (sushi)
11. Chandni (Vegetarian Indian food)
12. Gilbert's (Mexican food)
13. R & D Kitchen
14. Cafe Luxxe
15. Peet's Coffee
16. Primo Passo Coffee

1. Shutters
2. Casa Del Mar
3. The Shore Hotel

Running Stores
1. Top to Top
2. Frontrunners (Brentwood)
3. Roadrunner Sports

1. Santa Monica Pier
2. 3rd Street Promenade
3. Montana Ave.
4. The Getty Villa
5. The Getty Museum
6. Take the Expo Line to the Staples Center
7. Palisades Park
8. Main Street
9. Farmer's Market

Leslie's favorite season is Santa Monica is Winter (December)!

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