We are so excited to welcome two time Olympian, 20 time National Road Champion, American record holder in the half marathon, road 5k AND the10,000 meters, podcast host (Keeping Track Podcast) and author ("How She Did It" coming in January 2022!), Molly Huddle to the Suite Run Podcast! We chat with Molly eleven days ahead of her racing the Boston Marathon - talking about her marathon prep and overall career. Then we pivot to all things running and travel as Molly shares the best places to RUN, dine out, great races, places of interest and so much more in the artsy and quaint, seaside New England town of Providence, RI.

Enjoy our conversation!

Molly's recommendations for Providence, RI:

1. East Bay Bike Path (14 mile along the water. Goes from Providence to Bristol)
2. Lincoln Bike Path (Molly does a lot of her workouts here. There are spray painted one mile and half mile markers along the path - one set made by her husband Kurt on a measuring wheel. The original set made by former pro runner Mark Carroll)
3. Roger Williams Park (has a 2.5 mile bike lane for tempo runs and repeats)

1. La Arepa (Venezuelan food)
2. Knead Donuts
3. PVD Donuts (Specialty donuts)
4. Tricycle (Ice cream sandwiches)
5. Julian's (Delicious breakfast)
6. New Harvest (Coffee shop)
7. Seven Stars Bakery (coffee)
8. Dave's (coffee)
9. Bayberry Beer Hall
10. G Pub
11. India Point Park (beers and views)

1. The Dean Hotel
2. The Biltmore Hotel

Running Stores
1. Rhode Runner

1. Molly is hosting a cross country race (5K) on October 30th at Roger William's Park in Providence. All are welcome!
2. Providence Marathon and Half Marathon
3. Halloween race
4. St. Patrick's Day race

1. Chase Farm
2. Big Nazzo (puppets for kids)
3. RISD Museum

Molly's favorite season in Providence is Fall!

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