We are so happy to welcome multi talented athlete, coach, photographer and cinematographer - Chad Hall to the Suite Run Podcast!  In this conversation, we talk to Chad about his running journey, including his standout running career in high school (Chad won the Foot Locker National Championship!), and college (won several conference championships) to becoming a professional triathlete, then a professional biker and now coming full circle back to running. Chad has either won or stood on the podium of four trail races in the last month and he is preparing to make his debut in his first road marathon coming up at the Houston Marathon in early 2022. En route to that, Chad will pace a Run Free athlete at the Chicago Marathon coming up in a few weeks. Chad is a great person, filled with passion and goals and you WILL be inspired by our conversation. Then we pivot to all things running and travel as Chad shares the best places to RUN, dine out, great races, places of interest and so much more in the beautiful mountain town of Big Bear Lake, CA.

Enjoy our conversation!

Chad's recommendations for Big Bear Lake, CA:

1. Skyline Trail (18 mile trail, great views, perfect for a beginning trail runner). Begin at Snow Summit or the Fern Trail also connects to this trail.
2. Pacific Crest Trail (Starts at Highway 18 before you go down the mountain. Look up directions before you go.)
3. Irwin Ranch (Off of Highway 38. Flat dirt road - good for workouts)

1. Himalayan Restaurant (Great Indian food!)
2. 572 Social Kitchen and Lounge (Good, casual food)
3. Big Bear Lake Brewing Company (Good healthy options and beer)
4. The Copper Q (Great coffee, pastries and quiches)
5. The Grizzly Manor Cafe (Hearty, big breakfast)

1. Air BnB (Best places are near town, Big Bear Lake and Moon Ridge area)

Running Stores
1. There aren't any running store in Big Bear, so come prepared. There is a Big 5 Sporting Goods store.

1. Holcomb Valley 50K
2. Conquer The Trail (Just over a mile race uphill)
3. The Kodiak (100 mile race)

1. The Cave (New venue for live concerts)
2. Spend time on the lake
3. Go on a hike with a view anywhere in Big Bear

Chad's favorite season in Big Bear is Fall!

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Where to find Chad Hall:

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Chad is a cinematographer and videographer that films and produces the content for Run Free Training and for his brother, Ryan Hall. Chad hopes to use these skills to share the stories of other athletes in an impactful way. 

Contact Chad at: chad@runfreetraining.com if you are interested in coaching or video content creation.

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