We are so happy to welcome Derrick Shoffner to the Suite Run Podcast! Derrick works in various capacities throughout the health and wellness industry and endurance sector as a fitness instructor, personal trainer and running + nutrition coach. Derrick also leads many DEI initiatives throughout the health and wellness industry in Pittsburgh. In this conversation, Derrick shares the best places to RUN, dine out, great races, places of interest and so much more in the steel (and sports enthusiast!) city of Pittsburgh, PA.

Enjoy our conversation!

Derrick's recommendations for Pittsburgh, PA:

1. The North Shore Trail
2. The Great Allegheny Passage Trail (Run from Downtown Pittsburgh to Cumberland, MD)

1. Gaucho (Argentinian food)
2. Poulet Bleu (French cuisine)
3. Pusadee's Garden (Thai Food)
4. Millie's Ice Cream 
5. Food Glorious Food (bakery)
6. Trace Brewery (Brewery. Pittsburgh has IC Light and Yuengling as great local beer)
7. Southern Tier (Brewery)
8. Roundabout Brewery
9. Penn State Berkey Creamery (Delicious ice cream)
10. Primanti Bros. (Go here for the french fries on sandwiches/burgers)

1. The Wyndham Hotel Pittsburgh

Running Stores
1. Fleet Feet

1. Pittsburgh 10 miler
2. Dick's Sporting Goods Marathon
3. Liberty One Miler
4. Go to the P3R website for a list of great races!

1. Point State Park (The Ohio, Allegeny and Monongahela Rivers meet together). 
2. Any sporting event in Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh Steelers, Pirates or Penguins)

Derrick's favorite season in Pittsburgh is Summer!

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