We are stoked to welcome professional trail runner, Lucy Bartholomew to the Suite Run Podcast! Lucy has been a competitive trail runner for the past ten years and she began running with her Dad. Lucy has run races all over the world and in 2018 she stood on the podium with third place honors in the prestigious Western States 100 mile Endurance Run. Lucy is currently training for her first Ironman in December - the GWM Ironman Western Australia! She also has a new documentary film coming out at the end of August, so make sure you look out for that. Lucy has a huge following and it's easy to see why - she is an amazing athlete and a wonderful person. Lucy shares with us some of her favorite places in her home of Melbourne, Australia and we can't wait to share it all with YOU.

Enjoy our conversation!

Lucy's recommendations for Melbourne, AU:

1. Mt. Feathertop
2. Mt. Buller
3. The Razorback Ridge connects the two mountains
4. Surf Coast of Victoria (down from Melbourne. Beautiful views)

1. Veggie Bar
2. Plant Power (located outside of the city)
3. Velo (great cafe and Lucy used to work there!)
4. Mt. Feathertop also has great wineries that you can cycle to for a tour.

1. Stay anywhere in the town of Bright (lots of trail running, cycling, surfing and it is beautiful there in Autumn)

Running/Adventure Stores
1. Tons of running and adventure stores on Hardware Lane
2. The Running Company
3. Pace Athletic (In Sydney)

Places of Interest/Things to do
1. Bell's Beach (world famous and so beautiful)

Lucy's favorite season in Melbourne is Spring.

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