We are so excited to welcome professional athlete Rebecca Rusch to the Suite Run Podcast! Not only is Rebecca a professional athlete, she is also an Emmy winning filmmaker (check out her riveting film Blood Road

), a best selling author, activist and keynote speaker.

A 7x-world champion and celebrity in the ultra adventure/endurance realm for nearly 3 decades, elected to the prestigious international Mountain Bike Hall Of Fame, her status as a fierce competitor and inclusive influencer motivates millions. Recognized by Outside Magazine among the Top 40 Women Who’ve Made the Biggest Impact, and by Men’s Journal with the 25 Most Adventurous Women, she’s a maverick characterized by her grit, determination, and perseverance. 

It is indeed an honor to sit down and chat with Rebecca about her love of sport, biking, the outdoors and of course running. Rebecca then gives us a glimpse of her life in gorgeous Sun Valley, ID (her home of 20 years) and she shares with us great places to RUN, where to stay, awesome recommendations for dining out and so much more.

Enjoy our conversation!

Rebecca's recommendations for Sun Valley, ID:

1. Go up Cold Springs up the ski mountain - 3300 feet of climbing. Experience a beautiful run there and anywhere in Sun Valley. Sun Valley has over 400 miles of single track for running and biking.
2. Tons of bike trails for running and biking. These trails also turn into xc trails in the winter!

1. The Covey (great food, "fancy" restaurant. Note: You can dress however you'd like in Sun Valley)
2. Sawtooth Brewery
3. Wrap City Cafe (great breakfast and lunch)
4. Java on Fourth (great food and coffee)
5. Tony's Ice Cream
6. Hank and Sylvie's (wonderful bakery)

1. The Limelight Hotel Ketchum (live music on deck, dogs allowed, fun place to hang out and a great place to stay)
2. Campgrounds (developed camping and dispersed camping is gorgeous! Sun Valley is also part of the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve, which is the only on in the United States and only one of 12 in the world!)

1. Rebecca's Private Idaho
2. Giddy Up Challenge (both races raise money for the outdoors)

Running/Adventure Stores
1. Sturtevants
2. Back Woods Mountain Sports
3. Elephant's Perch

Places of Interest/Things to do
1. Anything outside!

Rebecca's favorite season in Sun Valley are the slack seasons or "shoulder seasons" early spring or late fall! 

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