We are so happy to welcome Alison Staples to the Suite Run Podcast!
Alison is a Baltimore native, a Physical Therapist Assistant and a Treadmill coach at Formula Running Center. Alison is also six time marathoner and we loved chatting with her about running, her rewarding career and her big, recent move to D.C.! Never fear friends - Alison loves her native Baltimore and shares all the highlights of Baltimore including the best places to RUN, where to dine out, great races in Baltimore, where to get their famous crab cakes and so much more.

Enjoy our conversation!

Alison's recommendations for Baltimore, MD:

1. Run around the Promenade in Harbor East (3-5 mile run with pretty water views)
2. For longer (and hilly) runs, run around John's Hopkins, Little Italy, Patterson Park, North Ave.

1. Coco's Pub (for amazing Maryland crabcakes)
2. Experience a Chicken Box
3. Jimmy's (great seafood)
4. Check out Little Italy (a neighborhood) for great drinks, food and dessert
5. Azumi (try the leche martini)
6. Sabatino's (in Little Italy - great dessert!) 

1. The Four Seasons 
2. Sagamore Pendry
3. The Ivy Hotel

1. Shamrock Races on St. Patrick's Day
2. Baltimore Running Festival (5k - marathon

Running Store
1. Charm City Running

Places of Interest/Things to do
1. Ft. McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine
2. The Arch Social Club
3. Baltimore Zoo
4. Baltimore Aquarium
5. Port Discovery Children's Museum
6. Paddle Boats at the Harbor

Alison's favorite season in Baltimore is summer! 

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