We are so happy to welcome marathoner Shawanna White to the Suite Run Podcast! 
Shawanna is the 6th fastest U.S. born African- American woman in the marathon with a blazing time of 2:45:19, and she aspires to 
qualify for the 2024 USA Olympic Marathon Trials. When Shawanna is not training, racing or dancing, 
she is full-time physical education teacher at Saint Matthews in St. Matthews, SC. Her 
motto is “Keep it Positive” and it shows in everything she does.  

We chat with Shawanna all about her running journey (including her recent induction in the National Black Distance Running Hall of Fame!) and then we pivot and talk about her hometown of Columbia, SC. Shawanna shares all the best things about her city, including the best places to RUN, where to dine out, great races in Columbia and so much more.

Enjoy our conversation!

Shawanna's recommendations for Columbia, SC:

1. Columbia Riverfront Park (flat run)
2. Harvested State Park (trail)
3. Cayce Riverwalk
4. Shandon Neighborhood
5. Clemson University Extension (xc races are held here)
6. University of South Carolina (great track)
7. Owens Field (track and they have a small adjacent field to run around)

1. Cafe Strudel (brunch and lunch)
2. Drip 
3. Eggs Up Grill
4. Pizza Joint
5. Good Life (vegan)
6. Maurice's BBQ
7. Sweet Cream Co. (ice cream)
8. Lita's Treats
9. Steel Hands (great beer selection)
10. Savage Craft

1. Loft Hotel (close to everything and great running nearby)

1. The Hearts and Sole 5 Mile (women only in April)
2. The Governor Cup (February)
3. The Long Run (15k - tough course, but great race)

Running Store
1. Strictly Running 
2. Fleet Feet

Places of Interest/Things to do
1. Social Bar and Lounge
2. The State House (they do tours)

Shawanna's favorite season is Spring in Columbia! 

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