We are happy to welcome, Jenna McHugh to the show! Jenna is a nineteen time marathoner and a eight time consecutive Boston Marathon qualifier. Jenna is also a world traveler who has currently traveled to THIRTY countries. Jenna is a mom of three kids, a wife and Vice President of Human Resources at Sur-Seal in Cincinnati. Jenna serves on a non-profit board that teaches children about philanthropy and having a passion for travel and photographing beautiful destinations.
We had a lot of fun chatting with Jenna about her running journey and all the BEST places that Cincinnati has to offer.

Enjoy this conversation!

Jenna's recommendations for Cincinnati, OH:

1. Running along the bank of the Ohio River in Downtown Cincinnati (you can run over multiple bridges all the way into Kentucky). An awesome add on to the run is running around the Cincinnati Reds Stadium and the Cincinnati Bengals Stadium - both are close to each other. 
2. Loveland Bike Trail (can run 20 miles here)
3. Sharon Woods Park (2.5 miles around and so pretty)
4. International Friendship Park
5. Smale Riverfront Park

1. Sleepy Bee (for breakfast)
2. Skyline Chili (Cincinnati is known for chili!)
3. Graeter's Ice Cream (Raspberry Chocolate chip is the most famous)
4. LaRosa's Pizza (hometown favorite)
5. For drinks, bars and restaurant - go over to Over The Rhine area of Cincinnati

1. The 21c Hotel (rated one of the top hotels in the country)

1. Flying Pig Marathon (Takes place in May). Cincinnati is known as "Porkopolis"
2. The Queen Bee Half Marathon 

1. The Green Farm Juicery

Running Store
1. Fleet Feet Cincinnati

Places of Interest
1. Opening Day (Cincinnati Reds is the oldest baseball team in the country)
2. Oktoberfest (Cincinnati has the biggest Oktoberfest in the country)

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