We are honored and excited to welcome FOUR TIME Olympian, 2017 New York City Marathon CHAMPION, NYT Bestselling cookbook author, mom to Jack, and one of the coaches of the Bowerman Track Club - Shalane Flanagan!
In the world of distance running, it's common to refer to Shalane by her first name only and for everyone in the room to nod their head in awe of her incredible career. To have Shalane on our show is indeed an honor and we can't wait to share our conversation with you all. Join us as we chat everything from cooking, to coaching to running in her beautiful town of Lake Oswego, OR. Shalane has the type of personality that you want to sit down with a cup of coffee of glass of wine and talk with her for hours. She is super special guest - and here we go!

Shalane's recommendations for Lake Oswego, OR:

1. "Lake Loop"
Start from downtown (7-8 mile loop). Hilly and challenging, but beautiful and minimal traffic. This run hugs the roads closest to the lake.

2. George Rogers Park (Shalane's favorite run!)
Begins right downtown. Take Old River Road to Mary S. Young Park. Hugs the Willamette River. Lots of green, beautiful scenery.

1. Philly Cheesesteak (take out) - "Philadelphia's Steak and Hoagies"
Amazing cheesesteak

2. Lake Theatre Cafe
Movie theatre on the Lake (pizza, fresh salad, great ambiance. Get dinner and eat in the movie theatre)

3. Ovation Coffee
Great coffee!

4. St. Honore Boulongerie
The best pastries!

5. Salt and Straw
Ice cream is incredible

Rent a house

1. Shamrock Shuffle
In March. There is a 5k, 10k and half marathon

2. Hood To Coast

3. Bowerman 5K
On Nike World Headquarters campus in July

1. Zupan's Market (fancy, great food)

2. New Seasons

3. 365 Whole Foods

4. Farmer's Markets

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