We are excited to welcome Caitlyn Smith to the Suite Run podcast! Caitlyn is a marathoner and writer whose work has appeared in publications such as Women's Running Magazine, Competitor, Greatist, The Mighty and Sharecare. Caitlyn was also the former web editor for Women's Running Magazine and spent many years working at the magazine. In this conversation, Caitlyn tells us about her running journey (she ran in the California State Meet in high school, which is a huge deal!) and then we pivot into the natural beauty of Boise, Idaho. Caitlyn gives us great recommendations on the best places to RUN, fantastic dining options and so much more in Boise.

Enjoy our conversation!

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Caitlyn's recommendations in Boise, ID:


1. Camel's Back Park (190 miles of trails - beautiful place to run and mountain bike)

2. Greenbelt (you can run along the Boise River - over 25 miles of cement and asphalt running)

DINING OPTIONS (Including dessert and drinks)

1. Hyde Park (coffee shop)

2. Flying M (good coffee house)

3. Alchemist Coffee (good breakfast and coffee)

4. Paddles at Poke (great poke bowls)

5. Goldie's (breakfast and known for mimosas!)

6. Boise Fry Company (choose 8 different potatoes and pick your type of french fry)

7. Goodie's Ice Cream/chocolate shop

8. Big Bun Drive-In (best milk shakes)

9. Delsa's (ice cream)

10. Guru Donuts (get a donut made out of potatoes!)

11. Chandler's (for dinner - attached to a hotel)

12. Anthony's (for dinner)

13. Fork (hamburgers)

14. North End Pizza

15. Mode Lounge (located downtown - great for cocktails)

16. Ride your bike along the green belt and stop for a drink at a local place.

17. Albertson's Grocery Store headquarters (near Boise - go check it out)

18. Natural Grocers (healthy grocery store - great to shop before a race)


1. Idaho Potato Marathon (Great for a BQ attempt - in September)

2. Jack and Jill Downhill Marathon (Great for a BQ attempt - in October)

3. YMCA hosts lots of local races

4. Fit One (Sponsored by St. Luke's Hospital - good for families)


1. Freak Alley (outdoor gallery featuring tons of different murals by artists - a must see)

2. Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial

3. Boise Art Museum

4. Idaho State Museum

5. Tour of Old Idaho Penitentiary Site


1. Grove Hotel

2. Air BnB (there is a house made out of a potato and you can stay there!)

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