We are excited to welcome Lindsey Hein to the Suite Run podcast! If you are in the running space you know Lindsey. She is the host of her longtime, popular running podcast, “I’ll Have Another” and has her own podcasting network, SandyBoy Productions with a total of five shows under her umbrella. Lindsey is a 16 time marathoner and lives in Indianapolis with her husband Glenn and their four boys, ages eight and under! We have a lot of fun chatting with Lindsey about everything from parenting to podcasting and of course running. Lindsey then gives us a great overview of Indy including the best places to RUN, fun dining options, her all time favorite races and more. Enjoy our conversation!

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Lindsey's Recommendation in Indy!


1. Monon Trail (from Downtown going north, it's about 30 miles of running trail)

2. Fort Ben (Trail)

3. Eagle Creek (Trail)


1. Milk Tooth (Located downtown and great for brunch)

2. Cafe Patachou

3. Garden Table

4. Livery (Spanish restaurant downtown)

5. Napoli's (Fancy pizza)

6. Oakley's BIstro

7. St. Elmo's (Steakhouse)

8. Public Greens

9, The Rathskeller (Has a beer garden)


1. Go to Mass Ave. (Lots of activity, lots going on)

2. Twenty Tap (In Broad Ripple)

3. The Eagle

4. Half Liter


1. Bricks (Ice Cream shop located off the Monon)


1. Good Earth (Co-op grocery store)


1. Bottleworks (Boutique Hotel)

2. Ironworks Hotel Indy

3. Lindsey and Glenn have an Air BnB


1. Athletic Annex


1. Indy Monumental Marathon

2. 500 Festival Mini Marathon


1. Indy Children's Museum

2, Concert at the White River

3, Indy Art Museum

Lindsey's favorite season in Indy is Fall

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