In this casual and fun conversation, Jerold puts Nat in the hot seat and asks her the questions!

We talk about the evolution of decades of running, where Nat currently is in training, and the shock, excitement and emotion of making the COVER OF RUNNER'S WORLD MAGAZINE.
We then chat about running, dining out and hotel options in Santa Monica, CA, why we love living in Pacific Palisades and so much. Lots of fun stories in a keeping it real type of conversation friends. Hang on for the ride!


1. Los Liones Trail

2. Westridge Trail

3. Ocean and San Vicente


1. Cora's (great for breakfast)

2. Shutter's On The Beach (Brunch)

3. Cafe Vida

4. Georgio's (Italian - fancy, pricey)

5. Huckleberry (organic, healthy, fresh + great baked goods)

6. Back on the Beach Cafe (tables and chairs on the sand, good food)

7. DK's Donuts (cash only, open 24/7)

8. Sweet Rose Creamery (Brentwood Country Mart - delicious ice cream)

9. Farmshop (Brentwood Country Mart - great food)


1. Channel Road Inn

2. Casa Del Mar

3. Shutters

4. Get an Air BnB


1. O'Briens Bar

2. The Fairmont Hotel

3. Hudson Hotel Rooftop

4. The Draycott (Pacific Palisades)


1. Hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains

2. Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades Beaches (We love Will Rogers State Beach - our local beach)

3. 3rd Street Promonade

4. Santa Monica Farmer's Market


1. Top to Top

2. Frontrunners


1. Venice/Santa Monica Christmas Run

2. Pacific Palisades 4th of July 5k/10k

3. LA Marathon

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