We are so happy to welcome Allison Macsas and Gabe Steger to the show! Allison and Gabe are a husband and wife team who own and operate Rogue Expeditions, an adventure and travel company for runners! They create run-centric vacations around the world that accommodate ALL levels of running. In this conversation we talk about Allison and Gabe's personal running journeys (Allison is a THREE time Olympic Trials Qualifier and Gabe is an adventurous trail runner!)  and how they started their own running company. Then we dive into what it's like living in gorgeous Bend, OR including their recommendations for great running routes, dining options, places of interest and much more in Bend.

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Allison and Gabe's recommendations in Bend, OR


1.Green Lakes Trail (best time to run there is July - early November. Located the the Three Sisters Wilderness. 9 mile run out and back or a 13 mile loop. Beautiful single track, not technical).

2. Three Creeks Trailhead (run the ridgeline from Three Creeks trailhead to No Name Lake, which is at the base of Broken Top Mountain, down to Todd Lake). This is a 13 mile run point to point.


1. Wild Rose (Northern Thai restaurant)

2. Spork (Mexican and Asian Fusion)

3. Crux Brewery (great sunsets over the Cascades)

4. Jackson's Corner (great brunch option! Delicious homemade cinnamon rolls)

5. Sparrow Bakery (coffee, sandwiches, baked goods)


1. The Mill Inn (small bed and breakfast with themed rooms and amazing breakfast)

2. Loge (restored motel - caters to adventurers, right next to running, hiking, mountain biking trails


1. Bend Marathon (road half marathon, marathon and 10k)

2. Horse Butte 10 miler

3. Alpine Running puts on great ultras

4. Pull, Pedal, Paddle race (xc skiing, mountain biking, kayaking)


1.  FootZone


1. Tumalo Falls

2. Deschutes Brewery Tour

3. Lava Tube Caves

4. Tubing down the Deschutes River

5. Hosmer Lake for great stand up paddle boarding

Allison and Gabe's favorite season in Bend is early fall, September & October (when all of the tourists have gone home).

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