This week, we are happy to welcome eight time marathoner, Meg Aston to the show! 

Meg lives in Okinawa, Japan with her husband Matt and their son Bryce. In this conversation, we talk about living, running and scuba diving in beautiful Okinawa. Enjoy our great conversation with Meg Ashton!

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Meg's Recommendations for Okinawa, Japan


1. Number Road 8 - you can run 20 miles along the ocean on the stunning road.

2. Run number 58 from the airport, all the way south from Naha, north to Kitadaito (this is another beautiful coast line run.)

3. Run Hacksaw Ridge from WW11 (based on the movie).

4. Check out WOT (Women of Trails group - they meet and run trails).


1. Hama Sushi (small, locally owned restaurant)

2. Vending machines are huge in Okinawa. You can get everything from pizza, to fresh eggs to hot sweet potatoes.

3. Lawsens, Family Mart, 7-11 (3 healthy, fast food options)

4. BOP (Ball Donut Park)

5. Little Cactus (for breakfast - they have the best egg sandwiches)

6. Happy Tappy (milkshakes for dessert)

7. Bar Bar (has great craft beer)

8. Check out Hungry_oki on Instagram for recommendations of cafes in Okinawa

9. Cliff Beer


1. Castle Ruins

2. Beaches in Ono

3. Aquarium

4. Kitadaito

5. Kokusai Street in Naha


1. Intercontinental

2. Four Seasons (opening 2023)

3. Sheraton

4. Busena Terrace Club

5. Rent and Air BnB in Quarry Island


1. Okinawa Marathon

2, Naha Marathon

3. Cape Zampa (5k and 10k)

4. Lord of the Tengan (5k and 10k)


1. Check out Meg's brother's running store in Charlotte, NC (they ship to Okinawa!) - The Charlotte Running Company.

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