Mario Fraioli has spent nearly his entire life immersed in the world of running. Talk to any runner who is passionate about the sport and they know Mario - from his successful journalism career, including six years at Competitor Magazine, to venturing out to build his own running media brand and coaching business, Mario knows the world of running. Every week on his popular podcast and newsletter, The Morning Shakeout, Mario shares informed commentary, engaging conversations and smart curation about running.

In this conversation, we have the pleasure of talking with Mario and we dive deep into how he began his journey into running and the origins of his journalism career. Mario is usually the one asking the question and it was nice to listen to his story and get to know him. We then pivot into the extreme raw and natural beauty of Marin County, where he lives with his wife Christine and their dog Tahoe. Mario shares his very favorite places in Marin County, including his prime spots for running, where to refuel, the best races and so much more.

Don't miss this great conversation with Mario Fraioli.

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Mario's Recommendations For Marin County


1. The Lakes Loop

A series of lakes on the north side of Mt. Tam - these lake runs are Mario's favorite.

- Bon Tempe Lake (10-11 mies)

- Lake Lagunitas (13-14 miles)

- Phoenix Lake (4-6 miles)


1. M.H. Bread and Butter in San Anselmo (you can park here, run the Lakes Loop and then come back for a great meal.)

2. Pond Farm Brewing Company (in San Rafael, which is the most urban city in Marin)

3. Sol Food (Puerto Rican food. Locations in Mill Valley and San Rafael)

4. Tony Tutto Pizza (located in Ross, CA)


Renting a house is a great option. 

Additionally, Pt. Reyes has a hostel that is in a beautiful location with ocean views.


1. Miwok 100k (takes places in Marin County typically on the first Saturday of May).

2. North Face Endurance Challenge

3. Dipsea (Oldest trail race in the world.)

4. Mt. Tam Hill Climb (3.2 miles with 2500 feet of elevation gain -begins in Mill Valley. Takes place on Labor Day morning.)

5. China Camp Trail Run (this 4 mile race is located in San Rafael.)


1. San Francisco Running Company (two locations - San Anselmo and Mill Valley)

2.Transports Running Store (Oakland)

3. Renegade Running (Oakland)

Mario's favorite time of the year in Marin County is winter.

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