We are so excited to welcome Grayson Murphy to the show! Grayson is a professional runner for Saucony and is the 2019 World AND US Mountain Running Champion as well as the XTERRA Trail Run World Champion.

Grayson lives and trains in stunning Bozeman, MT  and we get the lowdown on everything we need to know about running, refueling and more in Bozeman. We also talk about Grayson's running career and so much more. Don't miss this great conversation!

Grayson's Recommendations in Bozeman, MT


1. Bridger Ridge Trail (this is a 19 mile run or race with 7500 feet of climbing and 10k of downhill. The August race is extremely popular and fun, although steep and technical. If you are going to run it anytime during the year, access the trail at Ferry Lake or start at the "M" symbol for Montana State University).


1. The Lark (located on Main Street)


1. Rockford Coffee

2. Whistle Pig (great Korean BBQ)

3. Mackenzie River (Best pizza)

4. Jam (for brunch and great mimosas)

5. The Farmer's Daughter Cafe (is also connected to a hotel)

6. A great wine bar in also on Main Street


1. Bozeman Running Company


1. Go see the Buffalos (especially near Yellowstone National Park)

2. Norris Hot Springs (Live bands, food and drink while you sit in the hot springs)


1. Sweet Peaks Ice Cream (one Main Street and also in Kalispell)

Grayson's favorite time of the year in Bozeman is July - September

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