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It's the 20th episode of the Suite Run Podcast and this week we have the perfect guest to celebrate 20 fun filled running and travel episodes!

We are excited and honored to welcome Olympian Carrie Tollefson to the show! Carrie competed for our country in the 1500 at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens (she WON the Olympic Trials) and has been a big influence in the running world for a long time. Carrie is the host of her podcast, C Tolle Run (subscribe to her show!) and has worked on-camera with ESPN, NBC, NBCSN, ABC and She does regular media coverage for the New York Road Runners including the TCS NYC Marathon and the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon. Carrie has done commentary for several world class events, including the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon, Boston Marathon, Tokyo Marathon and Foot Locker Nationals.
Carrie has been on the cover of Runner's World five times and is the host of her summer running camp for kids (7th - 12 grade). Carrie is also mom to her own three awesome kids and wife to architect and stud athlete Charlie.
In this conversation, we chat with Carrie about her running and broadcasting career, including the fact that she ran a very fast 2:51 just over a year ago and wants to run more marathons (YES!). We then pivot into running in beautiful Minneapolis/St. Paul and Carrie gives us recommendations on the best places to RUN, where to dine out, her favorite races and so much more. Talking with Carrie is like hanging out with a friend and we have many tangent conversations, including both of our engagement stories. You will NOT want to miss this super fun conversation!

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Carrie's Recommendations For Minneapolis/St. Paul:


1. The Great River Road 

2. The Stone Arch Bridge (such a beautiful place to run - Carrie got engaged here! - or any bridge in the downtown area)

3. The Chain of Lakes (you can run a 5k loop anywhere around this area)

4. Summit Ave. (St. Paul)

5. Fort Snelling National Park (beautiful trails!)

6. Minnehaha Parkway


1. Juicy Lucy

2. Mickey's Diner (Downtown St. Paul)

3. Lots of cute restaurants on Selby Ave.

4. La Grolla (Italian restaurant - great food!)

5. The Happy Gnome (great beer and food)


1. Izzy's (delicious ice cream)

2. Dairy Queen


1. The Hewing (beautiful hotel with rooftop pool)

2. Rent a house in the Calhoun area of town


1. Minnehaha Falls (hidden gem - beautiful waterfall, great hiking and running paths)

2. Prince Museum in Minnetonka


1. Grandma's Marathon (they also have a 5k you can run the night before the marathon)

2. Twin Cities Marathon

3. Fool's 5K (on April Fool's Day)

4. Any race put on by MTEC Results or Anderson Races


1. Run N Fun (One in St. Paul and two other locations. Carrie loves this store!)

2. Mill City Running

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