Friends, welcome to episode 19 and this week we have the absolute pleasure of chatting with Charlie Watson! Charlie is a 12 time marathoner (including a 6 star world marathon finisher), Registered Dietitian, and author of her extremely popular, award winning blog, "The Runner Beans." She is also the author of her new cookbook, "Cook, Eat, Run" and the host of her podcast also entitled Cook, Eat, Run. Charlie is such a lovely person and we were hanging onto every word she said in this fun and engaging conversation about discovering the hidden gems in London. We are 19 episodes into the podcast and 2 of them have been about London, so as you can tell - we are big fans of that incredible city. One of the things that we love about travel and running is that you can talk to a runner about the same city and get a totally different perspective, and that is what you will gain in this episode. (make sure you go back and check out episode 13 with Marcus Brown to hear his take on running in London). There is a reason why Charlie has over 65,000 people following her on Instagram - her awesome running photos, the way she always keeps it real and her invaluable nutrition advice are just a few of the reasons why you should be following Charlie (and buying her cookbook and subscribing to her podcast!).

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1. Along the River Thames to Hammersmith Bridge. This run is beautiful at sunrise.

2. Take a big loop around Hyde Park, Green Park, St. James' Park and go along the river to Big Ben. This is the last 1.5 mile of the London Marathon- you will run near St. James' Palace, Buckingham Palace, The London Eye, Big Ben. You can make this run as long as you'd like. It is perfect as a 6-7 mile beautiful run.

Dining Options
1. Afternoon Tea at:
The Goring Hotel, The Athenaeum, The Ritz (gorgeous at Christmas)

2. Brunch:
- Dishoom (Amazing Indian food- definitely try the Naan Bacon Butty)
- The River Cafe (pricey, but great restaurant)
- Borough Market
- Cafes in your local neighborhood

- Many local pubs have delicious fish and chips
- The White Swan (Richmond)
- The Roebuck (Chiswick)
- The Harwood Arms (Notting Hill). Pricey, but highly recommend.

- Foubert's Ice Cream (Chiswick)
- Colin the Caterpillar Cake (Marks and Spencer in London)
- Cranachan (Scottish dessert)
- Go to a cheese monger and have them make a cheese board for you.

- Rent an Air BnB outside the city center
- Search for hotels in the West End of London

The Royal Parks Half (in the fall)
- The London Landmarks
- 10ks (follows the last 6 miles of the London Marathon)

- Runner's Need (Covent Garden)

- The Monument (near St. Paul's Cathedral. This is where the fire of London started.)
- Kew Gardens (so beautiful)
- The Boat Race (April 3rd - so fun to watch Oxford and Cambridge row up the river)
- Wimbeldon (Have strawberries and cream + drink Pims)
- Spring in London is Charlie's favorite time of year

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