This week we are happy to welcome Cynthia Wheeler to the Suite Run podcast! Cynthia
has a contagious energy that shines through in her colorful and enthusiastic photos that highlight her running around the great city of Chicago. Cynthia has captured the attention of 108k followers on Instagram alone and her joy for running beckons  you to not only venture out on your own run, but to go and run in Chicago! The ten time marathoner is a running tour guide (not really, but she should be!) of her fabulous city.
Cynthia is also a website designer by trade, so definitely hit her up if you need a new website!  
By the time you come to end of this episode, you will have Chi-town at the top of your list of runcations. Cynthia keeps it real in her message and we love this quote from her: "Let's stop judging our worth as a runner, by our pace. You're literally ahead of everyone who opted to stay in bed!"
Make sure to listen all the way to the end to find out who was the VERY famous person that attended her wedding!
You will not want to miss our fun conversation with Cynthia Wheeler.

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1. Go out past the Lincoln Park Conservatory down Fullerton Ave. to the lakefront. Go past Navy Pier and the Chicago Yacht Club and cut in at the Art Institute. Take Michigan Ave. all the way through the city.

1. Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder
2. Bacino's Pizza (deep dish)
3. Lou Malnati's Pizza (deep dish)
4. R.J. Grunts
5. Chicago Athletic club (great rooftop and bar to grab a drink)
6. Starbucks on Michigan Ave. (new! located in a huge former Crate and Barrel building)

1. Eataly (lots of options. Great Nutella bar!)

1. Art Institute
2. The Bean
3. Millennium Park
4. Mariano's Grocery Store (speciality grocery store. Pick up food and go out on the patio that overlooks a hidden park . You can also view the Aqua building from this location.)

1. Fleet Feet
2. Roadrunner

1. The Congress Hotel (located across the street from the starting line of the Chicago Marathon).
2. Carbide and Carbon Building (beautiful art deco building that is a hotel)

1. The F3 (a half marathon that takes place in January)
2. The Soldier Field 10 (takes place at the end of June)