This week we are happy to welcome Tenia and Tony Fisher to the Suite Run podcast! Brother and sister, Tenia and Toney are two of the nine F.E.A.R. captains. FEAR (Forget Everything And Run) is a run crew dedicated to giving a safe space for runners of color in Milwaukee. Tenia and Toney both are Milwaukee natives, and gave back to the youth by coaching cross country and track at their alumni high schools. Today they use that same energy to encourage FEAR members to push beyond their potential.

In this conversation, we chat with Tenia and Toney about their running journey, as well as the origin of F.E.A.R. and how they were able to motivate so many people of color to run. Also friends, check out their feature on the Today Show as well as their article in Runner's World.

We then venture into the best places to run in Milwaukee, why everyone needs to try the beer and cheese that Wisconsin is known for, their reasons for choosing summer as the best season in Milwaukee and so much more. Tenia and Toney are so much fun and you will not want to miss this great conversation.

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1. Run on the lakefront

2. Oakleaf Trail

3. Nashotah Park (beautiful park, great trails)


1. Sherman Phoenix (features 29 small businesses offering food, and other services)

2. Culver's (Amazing Cheese Curds)

3. The Collective 

4. The Public Market


1. Signature Sweets

2. Confectionately Yours


1. MobCraft Brewery

2. Lakefront Brewery (great brewery tour)


1. Saint Kate

2. Pfister Hotel

3. The Duval Hotel 


1. Performance Running Outfitters

2. Performance Pro


1. Storm the Bastille

2. Brewers Mini


1. Black Holocaust Museum

2. Bronzeville

3. State Fair

4. Summer Solstice

5. Summer Fest (world's largest music festival)