This week we travel across the pond to London and are so happy to welcome Marcus Brown to the podcast! Marcus (best known on Instagram as The Marathon Marcus) is a marathoner who began running in 2006 and has since whittled down his time from 4:55 to a very fast 2:56. Marcus tells us about his journey to pursue a sub three hour marathon and he shows us that if you really want to achieve a goal, you'll keep pushing until it happens. Marcus is also a World Marathon Majors Six Star finisher, writer, coach, co founder of Black Trail Runners and podcast host of his show, "A Runner's Life," a great podcast which you should definitely subscribe to.

In this episode we have a fun and in depth conversation about Marcus's running and future goals he is aiming to achieve, the mission of Black Trail Runners, how he started his podcast, the marathon that we are going to run together and of course, all things running, filling our stomach, exploring, racing and more 
in London. Marcus is truly an inspirational runner that is doing great things in the world, don't miss this fun conversation friends!


1. Epping Forest (Trails in the city)

2. Victoria Park

3. Circuit of the royal parks (Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace etc. in central London)


1. Afternoon tea at The Ritz or Claridges

2. Monopoly Pub Crawl (26 pints of beer!)

3. Indian Food in London

4. The Fat Duck

5. The Cereal Bar

6. Go to Brick Lane for great restaurants


1. Nottingham Carnival London

2. Go The Shard (great experience in a 72 foot skyscraper - the tallest building in London).

3. Highgate Cemetery (famous people buried there)

4. Camden Market (shopping)

5. Tate Modern Museum


1. The Big Half

2. The Vitality 10K

3. Richmond Park Half Marathon

5. Royal Parks Half Marathon

6. Park Run (great community, not a race but a free run)


1. Sweatshop

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