Sacramento is California's State Capitol and a great city to explore. The Sheraton Grand Sacramento is the perfect hotel located right in the heart of the city. We've mapped out a flat out and back run along capitol mall and across the Tower Bridge spanning the Sacramento river. Feeling like going a little longer than three miles?  You can get to five total miles by adding a loop around the capitol mall. This city is filled with runners and you'll return to the hotel completely happy and ready to begin your day.

3 mile route: click photo or here for download

mile route: click photo or here for download


Sheraton Grand Sacramento
California State Capitol Building

Run along Capitol Mall Park

Sacramento River

With a vibrant running community and home to the extremely popular California International Marathon, Sacramento takes running very seriously and you'll easily fit in a great workout. There is so much to see and do, with close proximity to San Francisco, Napa and Lake Tahoe - this is a city woth exploring.

Happy Running!